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Dear friends of Old Music,

within the framework of the 31st INTERNATIONAL HANDEL ACADEMY the Symposium has set a thematic focus. It will take place on two afternoons for three hours each and is expressly directed towards the participants of the practical courses. The theme is “Old in New”. History and The Present in Historical Performance Practice”. The first afternoon will concentrate on the interdependencies between contemporary and early music in the 20th century, the second afternoon asks under the motto “New methods of early music” about the perspective of historical performance practices in the 21st. century.

Yet again an international group of renowned teachers has been engaged for the INTERNATIONAL HANDEL ACADEMY KARLSRUHE 2016. In contrast to previous years the courses are not organised under a central theme; each teacher will offer its own individual program.

Different from previous years the courses are not organised under a central overall theme; each lecturer offers his own individual program, this should enable the suggestions from the symposium to be optimally taken into account. As well as the young stars of the early music scene renowned old masters have been engaged in the area of historical performance practice, in order to stimulate discussion across the generations. Have you really arrived at the end of early music, like Bruce Haynes postulates with the title of his great book The End of Early Music, or are you standing on the threshold of a new way of dealing with our centuries’ old repertoire? In order to formulate an adequate answer, we need to pause and reflect so that we can understand that historical performance practice is an aesthetic phenomenon of our times, if nothing else. At times of unlimited access to historical sources it is even more important that we don’t just blindly rely on the achievements of the great pioneers of the 20th century (they never revealed their own pioneering spirit) or to capitulate towards the tendencies of current audience taste, but with unbroken curiosity to commit ourselves to that which is unheard of.

Without financial support the INTERNATIONAL HANDEL ACADEMY couldn’t take place. We are most grateful for the support of the Ministry of Science, Research and Arts, the City of Karlsruhe as well as the HANDEL SOCIETY KARLSRUHE and its sponsors. We would also like to include the University of Music Karlsruhe in our thanks for providing rooms and infrastructure.

Michael Form
Artistic Director of the International
Handel Academy Karlsruhe

Prof. Andrea Raabe
Chairman of the International
Handel Academy Karlsruhe